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In today's hypercompetitive business environment, effective advertising isn't just another part of your business plan, it's essential to success. Extracting maximum value from an advertising budget is what we do best. Our team of experienced specialists can assist you with:


  • The appropriate budget levels required to meet corporate objectives
  • How to best allocate your advertising dollars


  • Industry projections for your product category
  • The product purchase cycle and decision making process
  • Target Audience definitions
  • Customer surveys
  • Competitive advertising spending and creative

Media Planning and Buying

  • National TV
  • Spot TV
  • National Radio
  • Spot Radio
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Out-of-Home
  • Web Advertising
  • Direct Response Advertising (direct mail, opt-in email, etc.)

The Process

Starling Media Services delivers a thorough review of appropriate advertising opportunities. We evaluate all media against three key considerations:

1 The content — tone of voice, typical audience, depth of information and type of information
2 The research — how well does it stack up against similar media vehicles in secondary research? How does the primary research differentiate the audience?
3 The advertising package — what does the advertiser get in overall value for the money? We secure value-added merchandising to enhance the overall marketing plan. For example, free or discounted direct mail names for one time use, focus groups, or marketing at trade shows are negotiated in conjunction with the advertising schedule to maximize overall marketing impact.

SMS works quickly to clarify your needs and secure outstanding advertising packages — all while working seamlessly with your marketing team.


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