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Elaine Starling Elaine brings over 20 years of international agency and advertising experience to her clients in managing television, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor and web advertising as well as developing integrated media marketing plans. She has directed the strategic development of corporate media activity, handled product placement opportunities, managed Internet exposure, and worked with media, creative, and product placement agencies to develop and implement innovative and efficient advertising plans.

Elaine has an impressive list of accomplishments even before starting Starling Media Services. She worked with Sega to create their first infomercial for the Genesis 32X Launch, "Absolutely Rose Street", exceeding goals for generating awareness, viewer response, and positive press for the platform prior to the product launch. Elaine served on the Pico direct response team, evaluating traditional and direct response media to create the optimal media mix for the product. Her aggressive approach to testing and refining the media mix helped to improve cost-per-calls by 53% over goal.

Elaine's expertise was honed during her years as Associate Director of Media at J. Walter Thompson, working on the Corporate, Consumer, and International Sprint businesses. She also has entertainment experience from working with Orion Pictures and Mattel Toys at Foote, Cone & Belding.

Barbara Klein, Direct Response
Barbara, with almost 30 years of direct response experience, brings extensive insight to bear on DR advertising campaigns. Barbara has run direct response media departments for companies such as McCann Erickson, Cohn Wells and Partners and Seybol.

Cynthia Becker, TV & Radio Buyer
Cynthia has over 27 years of broadcast negotiation and management experience, working at agencies KSL Media, Dailey & Associates, Rubin Postaer, Della Femina and others. Cynthia has an outstanding reputation for well designed broadcast buys that are delivered under budget.

Jennifer Berkley, Research Specialist
Jennifer brings 20 years of experience to bear on primary research to detail and clarify the target audience, messaging, the purchase process and many other marketing issues. Jennifer uses online surveys, moderates focus groups and works closely with client database experts to leverage existing data.

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